{ roachy = virus; computer = crash; }

roachy.exe is an outside-the-box puzzle platformer. You play as roachy, a persistent virus who's determined to end this poor computer's short life. However, as Roachy dismantles the CPU, the game itself starts to break down. Will you defeat the computer, or will the computer defeat you?


Move - WASD
Jump - Space
Dash - Shift + WASD
Restart - R
Mute - M

Dev Notes:

Everything here was custom-made by me (just me, no team) during the three days of Wowie Jam. This includes the artwork, the music, the sound effects, all the code, and even the font.

The actual project file was * technically * uploaded a few minutes late because Unity was exporting super slow, as always. However, this game was finished on time either way.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post a comment or reach out to me at DwightWDavis@gmail.com


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This reminds me of Pony Island. Nice game.

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I managed to get to stage 7 is having trouble

its with moving the 25% thing


o-o wut da frick

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finaly done 10/10

how are you supposed to beat the restart level?

It's a puzzle - you jump on top of the letters, since they're solid. I realized afterwards that I probably made this level a bit too hard.

did it. it took a long time, but I did

dang the 3rd level is hard

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ok, im dumb

could you please add right-shift support? Having all the controls on only the left side of the keyboard is a bit too cramped.

Deleted 336 days ago

Lovely little game! Really like the creative evolution of the mechanics. Too bad it crashed my computer :P

Really like what I saw at the beginning, but I can't beat level 2! It seems like the platform is 1 block higher than my jump :( really cool though

Sorry that it wasn't clear - you've gotta use the dash ability on that level. You can activate dash by pressing LShift while holding a direction.

Hi, I was able to use the dash to get past the first couple platforms. That was plenty clear, well done! But on the far left there's a platform above you which I can't reach...jumping up gets me level but not on top of that one.

You can dash upwards by holding down W as you dash :)

Wow, I'm dumb :p

Awesome game!

It is a really intention bug, haha~! Nice visual style, nice bgm, I like this feel. But the control experience is not very good, I gave up at the 'shift' level. The inability to press the jump key at the edge of the platform made me very uncomfortable

Sorry that the platforming wasn't working well for you. If I had more time I definitely would have gone back and added a bit of coyote time. Thanks for your kind words though!